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DJ Bassassin 

​DJ Bassassin has made a notable impression as a versatile Electronic Dance Music DJ. He specializes in the music genres of Dubstep, Trap, and Hip Hop and was given the title by Reverb Nation as LA’s #1 Dubstep DJ. He is also ranked by Reverb Nation to be the #2 Dubstep DJ in the United States and #2 in the world. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Bassassin also had love for music. He transitioned from playing in a garage band to becoming a solo artist as a DJ. His music influences include Skrillex, Diplo, Major Lazer, Excision, Datsik, J Devil, and Zomboy. With a bachelor’s degree in music from Musicians Institute, he worked as an A&R rep for The Recording Artist Guild until he decided to focus solely his DJ career. His first single off of his 1st LP In Yo Face! was a smash and went viral. Critics described Bassassin’s sound as edgy and filled with EDM goodness. This rising star’s music can be found on Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes. He is set to debut his second LP by releasing his latest single I Am Dracula, which was inspired by the newest film Dracula. His dream is to inspire fans and bring them to his brand of “in your face” party music. He wants all listeners to enjoy the authentic sound of bass.

He is now currently a resident DJ at the Avalon in Hollywood on Wednesdays, and at the Belasco in Downtown LA on Saturdays. In addition to the two clubs he also gigs around the Southern California area by request.